Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Question - Staying HIGH

Ok got a question, I have been staying high since yesterday.  I have been doing my insulin like normal (I'm bad eat basically the same breakfast and lunch) but I keep staying way up - on my dexcom it's HIGH - no number just HIGH!  I bolus my usual lunch and did my shot of Symlin (I was at 106) then it went through the roof.  My question is - could it be the insulin? I'm not stressed or anything pretty mellow or is it just some weird shit going on?

Any ideas - would love to hear them.



The DL said...

Is the insulin bad? Was it kept in a warm place? Is it cloudy? Did you put it in a place where your skin was good for injection? Sometimes hormones does it for me too :(

April said...

I am wondering that myself that the insulin might not be good - going to change the pod tonight - so fingers crossed!!!

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