Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well I went to my nephew's graduation Tuesday, I still can't believe he graduated!  You know that means in 4 years my son will be graduating then the next year my daughter!  Still can't believe it.  Oh well time flies when your having fun.

My sister made a wonderful dip while I was at her house - of course it wasn't diabetic friendly, but it was so good.  It had mayo, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, bacon bits and some kind of sweet syrup on top (of course I'm getting a bottle).  You heat it in the oven and use town house crackers to dip.  It doesn't sound real good (I turned my nose up at first) but let me tell you it was the bomb!!  Of course she also had to make a chocolate bunt cake with chocolate chips and it was the same - to die for!!  Did I tell you she is diabetic too!  I guess that's what you get living in the south!


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